Welcome to my Magical World of
Shih Tzu's ​and West Highland White Terriers.



Mishkabelle is only small, therefore I can give each dog
I have the love, affection and time they deserve..
All of my dogs are dearly loved and a part of my family. 
From the time I was a young child, myself and my brothers & sister
were raised to love and respect our family pets 
as they were always part of our family and 
this was not just our dogs
     but our cows, cats, birds and chickens 
as we had a Dairy Farm. 
      We have learned many things from our Fur & 
feathered friends.

I will be striving to Breed Happy, 
Healthy Pure Bred Shih Tzu's ​and West Highland White Terriers.
​I will be breeding for Quality,
     Type, Structure, Soundness and Temperament 
I will be selling Adults and puppies at times so make
sure you check back. 

Mishkabelle being a Registered Breeder 
  strictly Breeds PURE BRED pups NOT CROSS BRED! 

 I hope you enjoyed your visit to Mishkabelle Magic 
and please come again soon. This web site will be constantly updated. Thank You for stopping by..

Sometimes it is hard to reach me via phone as I work full time as a Special Constable in the Security Dept of one of the HNEHS larger Hospitals.​​​​ Best initial contact would be via the email address below.

email mishkabelle@bigpond.com

I also have a Facebook Page devoted to Mishkabelle Breed Shih Tzus, you will find it on Facebook under
Mishkabelle's Shih Tzu Family​