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We are making available for adoption puppies only in optimum health free of parasite infestations and vet checked at the time of sale.  We guarantee for the period of twelve months post sale and the signing of this document, that the dog/pup remains healthy.  In the case where the unforeseen does occur and the dog/pup becomes ill, the onus is on the purchaser to take the dog/pup to a veterinarian of his choice, only after contacting the seller via email first (excludes emergencies).  The seller is not responsible for any vet expenses incurred by the purchaser.  If the vet examination proves the dog/pup is suffering from a Genetic Disorder the purchaser must contact the seller immediately with written proof from the vet, upon a second opinion from another Vet at my Cost, if it is correct that the Dog does have a Genetic serious health problem then  the dog/puppy will be returned to the seller at the the Sellers Cost or an agreement between Seller & Buyer.  When another puppy becomes available the purchaser will be reimbursed with another puppy.  Failure to comply with this policy will terminate any obligation on the part of the seller.


1. Any accidents to the dog/pup.
2. External or internal parasites OR mites.
3. Infectious diseases.
4. Patella luxation.
5. Hernias.
6. Dystocia (whelping difficulties) only applying to breeding dogs.
7. Disputes with landlords about the ownership of pets.  (Please ensure this is allowed prior to purchase.)
8. Disputes resulting between spouse or other family members not wanting the dog.  (Check before purchase!)
9. Allergies you or a family member may develop to the dog.
10.   Dog/pup not getting along with other pets.  ( It may be agreed to have the dog returned to the seller minus costs to re-home the dog and the initial deposit on the dog will be forfeited.)
11.   Stress related illnesses such as Hypoglycaemia.
12.   Undescended testicles (dogs sold as pet only) are not covered by this health guarantee nor are correct bites, size, colour, temperament.

In the event of death under three months old, the purchaser must obtain written autopsy results from the veterinarian stating clearly that the death was the result of a genetic disorder.  In which case, the proof together with all of the puppy's documents should be returned to the seller within 24 hours.  The seller will then give the purchaser another suitable puppy when one becomes available.

​​​NEW:  I require that the new owner insure the puppy with a responsible Pet Insurance Company and I recommend you continue with this Policy for atleast the first 24 months for your pups benefit and your own