This is a legally binding agreement between the seller and purchaser of which each party will retain a copy prior to the final section of this agreement which will be the actual sale of the dog.

1.Full price (adoption fee) of the dog or  puppy will be paid to the seller when the pup is 6 weeks of age, Freight costs to be paid 1 week  prior to the dog being freighted to the purchaser or collected from the seller.
2.A minimum of  Non Refundable FIVE hundred dollars deposit is for Shih tzus and is required upon ordering your puppy. This is a non refundable deposit only if you change your mind..
3.The price of the dog includes, a veterinarian check up & Health Certificate, Microchipping, Wormed, and Vaccination..Pedigree Papers. 
4.The crate is at the cost of the Buyer which is airline approved to freight the dog/cat. This becomes the property of the purchaser. (Only applies to Interstate buyers). I do use professional dog transporters for the safety of pups. Crates can also be hired.
5.Vaccination details, and Pedigree Papers if on Full or Limited Registration from the appropriate kennel association of which the seller is a registered member. If the required documents are not available at the time of sale, due to impending processing from the canine association, the seller guarantees they will be forwarded to the buyer as soon as physically possible via post.
6.The documents received from the seller will be filled appropriately by the purchaser into they're name with all details.
7.The purchaser is required to pay for all Transfer Fees with the NSWCA plus the ownership of the dog with your local Council. This is on top of the price of the dog.
8.The purchaser is required to continue with vaccinations, worming, heartworm preventative, and general veterinarian needs for the remainder of the animal's natural life.
9.The seller will supply written dietary sheets and any other applicable sheets pertaining to proper care of the dog to the purchaser.
10.The seller is not responsible for any incidence that may or may not occur once the dog is in the hands of the shipping company. And or once the dog is handed to the purchaser post sale.
11.The purchaser is required to contact the seller once the dog arrives and advise the seller that he/she has obtained the dog.
12. Due to the cost of vet bills, feeding, Memebership and Registrations rising, we have had to put the prices up on our pups as well but the quality is still there. 
13. FROM 2014  Pet Insurance Policy is required for atleast the first 12 months.

Shih Tzus will be chosen by the new owners by colour and sex or request for Breeder to match pup to new owner.



Every physical precaution, in the manner of selection of breeding dogs has been attempted by the breeder of the purchased dog, to maximise a long and healthy life in the resulting progeny of the planned breeding.However, the breeder cannot be held responsible for any hereditary defect that may develop with the progression of age.

Note:Any hernias, either umbilical or inguinal at the time of sale or developing thereafter, are not the responsibility of the breeder/seller. If the hernia is apparent and extremely large needing medical attention and causing a medical problem to the dog, the seller will advise the purchaser before the sale and make a reasonable deduction on price of the sale to assist in medical repairs which can be conducted at the same time as de-sexing.The seller will have cost assessed by his/her veterinarian.

The purchaser has the right to take the dog/pup to a vet of his/her choice for a medical examination within two working days post sale.

Onus is on the purchaser to make certain the dog/bitch or kitten is well housed, fed, cared for, receives medical treatment when and if necessary, protected from the elements of the weather, and or theft, and or danger.Onus is on the purchaser to properly socialise the dog/bitch.To make sure they have sufficient fencing to contain the dog/bitch on their own property.

In the case of a dog/bitch  sold as a companion only, the purchaser understands that Limit Registration pedigree will be supplied .This does not entitle the purchaser to: BREED, EXHIBIT, OR EXPORT. Onus is on the purchaser to have the dog castrated or bitch spayed, by a qualified veterinarian and proof of the de-sexing sent back to the seller in the form of a signed veterinarian letter with the veterinarian's full details.Failure of producing this evidence to the seller within 12 (twelve) months of purchase, in this case, the seller retains the right to demand the animal be returned at the purchaser's expense.A veterinarian of the seller's choice will then conduct the medical procedure and the onus will be on the purchaser to pay the cost and the cost of having the animal transported back to him or her.Onus is on the purchaser to provide proof that the animal has been de-sexed within the allocated period of time.Seller retains the right to enforce this.

NOTE - In the case where the buyer decides the dog/bitch is no longer wanted, for whatever reasons, the dog/bitch will be returned to the seller. Under no circumstances will the animal be sold to another person or surrendered to animal shelters or rescue. I will rehome the dog for you.  I will do whatever I can to help you rehome your pet to the Best possible home. I will prosecute if I'm notified this has happened.

Upon return of the animal and the seller receiving the animal the following conditions apply:(This section applies only in the case of a dog over twelve months old and the purchaser deciding he no longer wants the dog.)

1. The animal will be vet checked immediately, cost borne by the receiver.A report will be forwarded to the purchaser.
2. If the animal is found to be in good health, the seller will then refund the purchaser an amount (within a reasonable period) deducting the following costs.
3. Veterinarian consultation.In the event the animal is found in need of treatment, cost of medical treatment will also be deducted from the price originally paid to the seller at the time of sale.
4. Advertising costs.The seller will deduct advertising costs as expenditure to re-home the animal.
5. Boarding costs until the animal is re-homed.
6. If the animal has not been de-sexed prior, de-sexing costs will also be deducted from the return fee.
7. If the animal is over five years of age, the purchaser will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.The dog will be returned to the seller at the purchaser's expense and costs to re-home the dog, will be borne of the seller.


We are making available for adoption dogs/puppies only in optimum health free of parasite infestations and vet checked at the time of sale.We guarantee for the period of one month post sale and the signing of this document, that the dog/pup remains healthy. In the case where the unforeseen does occur and the dog/pup becomes ill, the onus is on the purchaser to take the dog/pup to a veterinarian of his choice, only after contacting the seller via email first (excludes emergencies).The seller is not responsible for any vet expenses incurred by the purchaser.If the vet examination proves the dog/pup is suffering from a genetic disorder, the purchaser must contact the seller immediately with written proof from the vet, upon which instance the dog/puppy/kitten will be returned to the seller at the expense of the buyer.When another puppy/kitten becomes available the purchaser will be reimbursed with another puppy/kitten.Failure to comply with this policy will terminate any obligation on the part of the seller.


1. Any accidents to the dog/pup.
2. External or internal parasites or mites.
3. Infectious diseases/Infections.
4. Patella luxation.
5. Hernias.
6. Dystocia (whelping difficulties) only applying to breeding dogs.
7. Disputes with landlords about the ownership of pets.(Please ensure this is allowed prior to purchase.)
8. Disputes resulting between spouse or other family members not wanting the dog.(Check before purchase!)
9. Skin conditions and or Allergies the dog may develop and you or a family member may develop to the dog.
10. Dog/pup not getting along with other pets.( It may be agreed to have the dog returned to the seller minus costs to re-home the dog and the initial deposit on the dog will be forfeited.)
11. Stress related illnesses such as Hypoglycaemia.
12. Undescended testicles are not covered by this health guarantee nor are correct bites, size, colour, temperament.

In the event of death under six months old, and the purchaser has decided NOT to continue on with the Insurance Policy for the 12 months then purchaser must obtain written autopsy results from a veterinarianstating clearly that the death was the result of a genetic disorder.In which case, the proof together with all of the puppy's documents should be returned to the seller within 24 hours. The seller will then give the purchaser another suitable puppy when one becomes available. Death after 6 months of age will not be covered by the Seller.


The seller does not guarantee the following, to the purchaser, but as a responsible and reputable breeder will ensure the dog/bitch being sold without the purchaser sighting the dog/bitch are of the quality for which the seller has claimed the dog/bitch to be.The seller will supply up to date pictures of the dog, a copy of the pedigree, and honestly state any awards already won at shows, honestly state breeding history.

1 The seller does not guarantee that any animal sold for exhibition purposes will win awards at exhibition shows.
2 In male dogs, the seller guarantees two fully descended testicles in the dog by the age of nine months.In the event this is not evident, the purchaser will take the dog to their veterinarian and have proof in written form presented to the seller/breeder.In this instance, it is the dog breeder's responsibility and not the sellers if the seller is not in fact the breeder of the animal.Failure to produce such veterinarian documented proof, terminates this section of the guarantee.
3 The breeder has the right to, have the dog returned to them, purchaser's expense, and the breeder has the right to re-sell the dog after de-sexing.However, by mutual agreement, the breeder may suggest to the purchaser to cut costs, the purchaser, de-sex the dog and re-sell the dog as pet, and the seller will compensate the difference as repayment for undescended testicles.Proof of sale price, de-sexing price and conformation, and advertising prices, must be produced in written form for the refunds to occur.The new owner's details must be produced to the breeder.
4 The seller does not guarantee that any bitch sold for breeding purposes will free whelp or not need medical intervention.
5 The seller is not responsible for any medical expenses that may arise for medical expenses during a whelping.
6 The seller does not guarantee show quality puppies will be born to any bitch sold, or sired by any stud sold.
7 The seller is obliged to sign and send pedigree on full registration to the purchaser with all details of the purchaser on the pedigree.
8 The purchaser is responsible to transfer the pedigree into their own name through the appropriate kennel association.
9 The purchaser has full breeding rights to the dog/bitch purchased.
10 In the certain circumstances, the seller can make written agreement as to breeding rights, separate to this contract, and with the purchase agreement.In the event the dog/bitch is no longer wanted by the purchaser, the breeder/seller reserves the right to have first option to buy the animal back.The agreed amount of purchase, will depend on age and how many litters (in the case of a bitch) have been born. A reasonable and agreeable amount of money shall be negotiated between the two parties.

By signing this agreement, contract of sale, with all terms and conditions specified, you are agreeing to abide by all of the above.You are aware that it is a legally binding contract and you are bound by this agreement.



(Below only pertains to purchaser only)
This document is signed before a Justice Of The Peace as validation of signature being that of the purchaser.

This agreement has been signed before me…………………………….
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Being of…………………………………………………………………
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On this day:…………………………………………………………….
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